Wedding Photography at Lost Canyons Golf Club

Photographed this beautiful wedding in Simi Valley at the Lost Canyons Golf Club.  The location was picture perfect with the club house overlooking a beautiful vista of rolling hills along with the golf course.   Rachel and Chris are such a beautiful couple inside and out, it was a joy to be a part of their big day.



Wedding Location:

Lost Canyons Golf Club
3100 Lost Canyons Drive
Simi Valley, CA 93063

Anesu Hi,

Absolutely love your work! Bumped into it going through a Creativelive video. I especially love this wedding….particularly the shots in the open sun. How did you shoot these? I always have difficulties shooting in the sun. They’re always high contrasty…too dark or too blown out.strong shadows. squinty faces. Would love to hear from you how you tackled these…where are your subjects facing? did you fill flash? diffusors/bouncers/reflectors?

Really appreciate any help.


admin Thanks Anesu! We tackle shooting in direct sun in three different ways:
1. Use Speedlight Flash to balance the sun (only works in TTL mode because otherwise the sync speed stops at 1/250th which isn’t fast enough to beat the sun)
2. Shoot with the sun directly behind the subject and reflectors in front
3. Have the subject facing the sun in a pose with eyes closed.

I think I used all three of those options on this wedding!

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